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Industrial Coatings & Composites

At Eastside Industrial we focus on building a better finish. Our goal is to provide a single source for our customers to work with to develop, produce, assemble and finish their components.

With over 70,000 square feet our state of the art facility is capable of handling all component sizes with a multitude of manufacturing processes we have the facility to meet your needs.

In addition and consistent with our founding values, Eastside Industrial is dedicated to ensuring we meet three key criteria for our customers:


With a dedicated team of quality assurance technicians and managers, Eastside works with you and your team to ensure your quality standards is integrated into the manufacturing processes of our facility. We follow up with you and your team as we continuously supply parts to ensure any feedback is properly discussed and implemented in our manufacturing process.

The Result: Timely feedback on any issues that may arise; continuous improvement and consistent quality to ensure you receive the product you require.

On Time Delivery

Eastside's internal production planning system takes into account key lead times for projects and components to ensure you receive your product on time. We keep you updated on the progress of any open projects or orders to ensure timely feedback to you and your team. Our customer service representatives work with you and your team to ensure you and your team get your product on time.

Competitive Pricing

As an all in one supplier, eastside is able to source sub-components, perform basic and complex assemblies as well as provide the finish coatings to any component. The result is a lean manufacturing process from a single source supplier, reducing the amount of vendors involved in a product as well as reducing the lead-time from order to delivery.

The eastside team will review multiple manufacturing and tooling processes available to ensure we find the one that is most cost effective for you today as well as in the future given your volume and component attributes.

Eastside Industrial Coatings provides a wide variety of services to the manufacturing industry.

  1. Industrial Liquid Coatings
  2. Fibreglass Manufacturing
  3. Part Preparation and Assembly
  4. Prototype development
  5. Tooling manufacturing

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